Beefondant - sugar for bee feed paste and syrup

Couplet's Beefondant is a first choice ingredient, convenient for bee feed paste or syrup.

It is a high quality fine sugar powder for the preparation of bee feed candy / paste or bee feed syrup.

Feeding bees aims to give them sufficient food stores. Feeding is essential to make sure the colonies grow. Couplets's Beefondant is the ideal ingredient for the production of high quality supplementary bee feed (either for spring bee feeding with candy or for winter bee feeding)

Beefondant is an ingredient that is very simple to use.  

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Beefondant is produced with the highest quality refined sugars, finely milled to 10 µm, coated with a fine layer of glucose syrup.

It is composed exclusively of sugar and glucose syrup  and does NOT contain  HMF,  pesticids or  additives.

The shelf-life of Beefondant is 36 months.

Features & Benefits

Couplet's Beefondant  has many benefits :
  • High quality product :
    • additive free
    • indigestibel sugars free
    • free of toxic compounds such as HMF
    • free of artificial enzymes 
  •  Process simplified and accelerated by a preparation possible from 30°C
  • Ecologic packaging (paper)
  • Simple of use
  • Long shelf-life (36 months)


Beefondant is both convenient for the 

  • winter liquid feed
  • spring feed  (paste / candy)

Read more about recipes.


Beefondant is available in the following packaging : 

  • 25 kg bags on 750 kg net pallet
  • 10 kg bags on 770 kg net pallet

For smaller quantities, please contact us or contact one of our resellers.

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Download here Couplet Sugars' quality certificates and FDA certificate 

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