Belgian Pearl sugar

Looking for the real authentic Belgian Pearl Sugar ? Couplet Sugars has it for you !


Couplet Sugars, a family-run company based in Belgium, is the leading manufacturer of the famous and authentic Belgian pearl sugar. (also sometimes named nib sugar, nibbed sugar or hail sugar).

Belgian manufacturer Couplet Sugars has been producing since 1987 a pearl sugar of a superior quality, a regular quite round form and without dust.

At Couplet's, the pearl sugar is manufactured using a unique process of agglomeration of n°1 first quality sugar.

Couplet's pearl sugar is made from European crystal sugar, origin is beet sugar.

The Belgian waffle is probably the best known application for pearl sugar, as it is an essential ingredient in the recipe.  But pearl sugar can also be used for the decoration of pastries such as donuts or cup cakes.

Since April 2018, Couplet Sugars also offers a certified organic pearl sugar.


Couplet Sugars offers a complete range of pearl sugar with sizes from 0.8 mm to 15 mm to meet your different needs according to your applications.

For the decoration of frozen products or fried pastries, test our freeze-thaw stable and moisture stable coated pearl sugar. It is available in white or coloured and flavoured.


Organic pearl sugar    NEW

3 sizes available:

  • B10 (1.4 to 2.5 mm)
  • B25 (2.5 to 5 mm)
  • B40 (6 to 9.5 mm)


Our pearl sugar has the following certifications :

  • Halal
  • Kosher

This product is GMO free.

Organic pearl sugar is certified organic.

Features & Benefits

The process choice and perfect master enable us to offer high and rigorous quality pearls to our customers.

  • Optimal dissolving time and hardness.
  • A perfectly white appearance.
  • A total absence of dust.
  • Nicely polished pearls.
  • A complete range of pearl sizes.


Pearl sugar by Couplet is a unique and indispensable ingredient in the waffle, bakery and pastry sectors

  • to prepare authentic Belgian waffles
  • to give crunchiness and sweetness to your products, such as sugar breads.
  • for decoration of small pastries, biscuits, cookies, donuts or the French pasty "chouquettes".


Pearl sugar by Couplet is available in the following packaging :

  • 1000 kg big bags (2204.6 lb)
  • 25 kg (55.1 lb) bags on 900 kg (1984.1 lb) net pallet
  • 10 kg (353 oz / 22 lb)  bags on 900 kg (1984.1 lb) net pallet
  • 5 kg bags on 720 kg net pallet 
  • 1 kg (35 oz / 2.2 lb) packs,  in 10x1kg boxes on pallets of 400 kg (14109 oz / 881.8 lb). (2 types available) 

The minimum order quantity is 1 pallet.


Organic pearl sugar is available in 25 kg bags only.