Speciality sugars for Confectionery


The sugar specialities such as fondant powder, ultrafine icing sugar or brown sugars are first choice ingredients for the filling of your confectionnery products such as fudges, chewy candies, soft sweets, sugar paste or hard fondant to coat with chocolate.

Fondant powder  acts as a graining agent. The great fineness of the crystals allows an ultrafine crystallisation, which results in a very short, smooth and non-sticky texture.   The smooth texture and very fine crystal size make it a great ingredient for sugar paste.

The brown sugar is also an interesting ingredient to use in caramels or fudges.   It brings a nice caramel taste and a nice warm colour. For caramels or fudges with a vanilla or nutty taste, use the "blond" type of brown sugar.  For coffee or chocolate caramels or fudges, you can use the "dark" type of brown sugar..

The use of Ultrafine icing sugar allows to get a perfectly smooth texture thanks to its fineness. It is perfect for making sugar decorations, royal icings or for meringues or nougat.


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