Fondant powder (Dry fondant)

Couplet Sugars has been manufacturing and supplying fondant powders for more than 20 years.

Dry fondant, also named fondant powder, is composed of ultrafine crystal sugar and glucose syrup. It is the ideal ingredient for high quality professional icings or fillings.

Dry fondant is an interesting alternative to the traditional paste fondant, as it has advantages that the paste fondant does not have. It namely has a long shelf-life of 24 months, as well as flexibility when used.

Our raw materials are selected with care to offer you a high quality fondant powder/dry fondant that is perfectly white and fine, free from OGM and free from gluten.

Really simple to use, the fondant powder can easily be used with all types of industrial machines (spray gun, enrobing machine, fondant sprayer, depositing machine, ...).   


Couplet Sugars produces and supplies several types of fondant powders, to meet your different needs:

Fondant powder 11

Fondant powder 11 contains 11 % glucose syrup and 89 % sugar.

Fondant powder 17

Fondant powder 17 contains 17 % glucose syrup and 83% sugar.

Fondant powder PLUS

Fondant powder PLUS contains glucose syrup, sugar, and also non hydrogenated vegetable fat.  This type of fondant powder is recommended for the applications that require more stability and a longer shelf-life or for the icings of the most humid pastries.

Couplet can also develop tailor-made formulations to meet your special requests.  Should you have specific demands, contact us and tell us about your project ! 

Couplet also produces a fondant powder sugar for beekeepers. This sugar is commercialised with the brand  Beefondant.  It is used for bee feeding.



The most common application is icing for the decoration of cakes and pastries.

 But fondant powders are also ideal to be used for chocolate fillingschewy candies and fudges.






Fondant powder by Couplet is available in the following packaging :

  • 25 kg bags on 750 kg net pallet
  • 10 kg bags on 770 kg net pallet
  • 750 kg of 1000 kg big bags

The minimum order quantity is 1 pallet.