Vegan and organic Liege Waffles

Vegan en bio Luikse wafels, organic and vegan Liege waffles, gaufres de Liège bio et vegan


  • 1000g organic and vegan Couplet waffle mix
  • 350g organic pearl sugar (B40)
  • 400g vegetable fat
  • 300g water
  • 70g fresh yeast
  • 2,3g de vanillin
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  • 1

    Mix all the ingredients except the nib sugar (3 min. slow and +/- 6 min. fast).

  • 2

    Add the pearl sugar and mix (1 min. slow). Dough’s temperature should be 27°C.

  • 3

    Form round dough pieces 70g and leave them for final fermentation for +/- 75 mins at 29°C – 85 % RH.

  • 4

    Bake in Liège Waffle iron +/- 180°C for +/- 2mins.