Craquelin (Belgian sugar bread)

bread with pearl sugar, craquelin


  • 1000g of flour
  • 300g of C40 nib sugar
  • 200g of fat (butter)
  • 70g of fresh yeast
  • 80g of crystallised sugar
  • 15g of salt
  • 4.5 dl of milk
  • 2 eggs, around 120g
  • Egg wash
  • C40 nib sugar for decoration


  • 1

    Knead in a spiral kneader for 5 minutes in speed one and then 6 minutes in speed two.

  • 2

    Temperature of the dough 25°C.

  • 3

    Leave to rest 20 minutes under cling film.

  • 4

    Weigh 4 pieces of 150g, roll them in two balls and place them under cling film. This dough will be used for the envelopes.

  • 5

    Add the C40 nib sugar to the rest of the tough, mix 1 minute at low speed.

  • 6

    Divide the dough into 4 pieces of the same weight, around 400g.

  • 7

    Roll out the envelopes.

  • 8

    Shape the sweetened dough pieces.

  • 9

    Place the dough pieces on the envelopes with the closure facing up and wrap, lightly ball, taking care not to tear them.

  • 10

    Place on platters or in buttered moulds, the closure underneath.

  • 11

    Leave to rest +/- 70 minutes, 28°C, 80% humidity.

  • 12

    Brown the craquelins with the egg wash.

  • 13

    Cut them and place the nib sugar in the cuts.

  • 14

    Bake at 190°C for around 30 minutes.

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