Your desserts will make all the difference!

Our sugar specialities and crumbles are perfect decorations for your desserts, as they add taste and aesthetic appeal. You will like them for their ease of use and quality.

Crumbles add a crunchy, tasty texture to your products. Sprinkle these fine biscuit crumbs over your desserts to make them surprisingly crispy.

Decorating powders, based on sugar or dextrose and coated with vegetable fat and starch, are resistant to wet and fried desserts. Sprinkle on your tiramisu, Bavarian cream, cheesecake and much more!

Flavoured pearl sugars and nut specialities are high-quality ingredients that enhance your cooking with their unique flavours, including pistachio, coffee, gingerbread and many others.

Chocolate pearl sugar offers the same benefits as classic pearl sugar, combined with the authentic taste of Belgian chocolate.

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