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Preliminary remarks

Your access to and use of this Website are subject to the terms of use set out below. These general terms of use contain legal information about your visit to and use of this Website, a declaration on intellectual property rights and a reference to the privacy legislation. Please read these terms of use carefully before visiting this Website or using it in any manner. By continuing to browse this Website or using it any way, you expressly agree to these terms of use. Should these terms of use contain anything you object to or if you do not agree with their content, kindly leave this Website and refrain from using it. 


For the purpose of the present terms of use, the following terms have the meanings set forth below: 

  • “Website”: the Couplet Sugars Website pages that can be found at the address; 
  • “User” or “you” and associated terms: any person who uses or asks any one to use and/or visits or asks anyone to visit the Website; 
  • “”: the limited liability company Couplet Sugars, holder of the domain name, whose corporate details are shown below. 

Legal information 

1.The limited liability company  Couplet Sugars SA

This Website ( is hosted under the responsibility of the limited liability company incorporated under Belgian law Couplet Sugars SA, with registered office at rue de la Sucrerie 30, 7620 Brunehaut (Wez-Velvain), Belgium, registered in the Register of Legal Entities of Tournai under number BE0405859975 


Tel.: + 32 (0)69 34 36 50  

VAT: BE0405859975 

2. Scope

These terms of use describe the conditions under which the Couplet Sugars SA grants you access to its Website and to the services it offers. If certain terms of use are dealt with more explicitly or broadly in another regulatory text that also applies to you, the provisions of the other text will prevail over the content of these terms of use. 

3.Website content and use 

As User, you accept that you use this Website and the information it contains exclusively at your own risk. The Website and the information it contains are provided “as is”, without warranty of any kind. 

The Couplet Sugars SA makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that the information published on its Website is correct and up to date. The Couplet Sugars SA undertakes to take all reasonable steps to correct any information that is found to be incorrect or inaccurate as quickly as possible. In spite of our best efforts, it is not inconceivable that errors may slip through. does not guarantee that the Website is consistently kept up to date and will never contain any errors. For this reason we ask you, as User, to check the information with the third party from where the information was originally sourced. cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for any disadvantage you may experience as a result of any information that is published on the Website or on any other third-party website this Website refers to which is incorrect, inaccurate, missing or unclear. Furthermore, you accept that you download or in any other way obtain information via this Website of your own accord and under your own responsibility. You are solely responsible for any damage that may be caused to your computer or for any data that may be lost by downloading information.  

You cannot hold Couplet Sugars SA responsible for any disadvantage you may experience as a result of your use of the Website if you did not take account of the aforementioned considerations. 

4. Links to external web pages 

Whenever we are notified that a link contains potentially harmful content, the link will be examined immediately and, where necessary, deleted. 

5. Changes to the Website is free to change the information published on its Website at any time and, hence, to adapt, update or amend the provisions of the present terms. It is up to you to regularly check the provisions, terms, notices and further conditions of this Website. If you continue to use the Website after any such amendments have come into effect, you will be deemed to have agreed to the amendments in question. Furthermore, the Couplet Sugars SA does not accept any responsibility for any potentially harmful consequences that may arise as a result of changes to the content of its Website or amendments to the present terms. 

6.Functioning of the Website does everything in its power to ensure the continuous availability of its Website (accessible 24/7) and to secure it by all reasonable means. takes all reasonable steps to minimise any inconveniences caused by technical errors. However, the Couplet Sugars SA can never exclude that substandard technical or unauthorised interventions may occur or that its Website may be infected by a virus. As a result, cannot guarantee that your access to its Website will never be interrupted or disrupted in any way. As a consequence, you cannot hold the Couplet Sugars SA responsible for any such malfunctions, errors, incidents or problems that may arise from whatever use you make of this Website or of a third-party website this Website refers to. Furthermore, you accept that the Couplet Sugars SA is free to interrupt your access to the Website at any time and without prior notice to identify or prevent abuses or fraud or to address any technical or operational malfunctions. Such interruptions are also needed to make changes or improvements to our Website, to carry out regular technical maintenance and to update information. You cannot hold the Couplet Sugars SA accountable for any direct or indirect losses ensuing from such interruptions. 

7. Your obligations as a User 

Aside from abiding by the provisions of the other terms of use, you, as User, specifically undertake: 

  • to use the Website in a responsible, i.e. reasonable, manner; 
  • not to use the Website in a manner that is inconsistent with the provisions of these terms of use; 
  • to avoid impairing the content of the Website in any way, whether through carelessness or malice, not to make any unauthorised changes, not to cause any malfunctions or to (temporarily or permanently) hamper access to the Website and not to contribute to any incident that may prejudice or third parties; 
  • not to use the Website for illegal purposes, not to engage in anything that is contrary to public policy or morality or that is designed to discredit the Couplet Sugars SA, the Website or third parties; 
  • not to upload other websites, logos, photographs or other elements to the Website, not to create any hyperlinks or links to other Websites without the explicit, written and prior consent of the Couplet Sugars SA. 

Where the Couplet Sugars SA discovers or has reasons to suspect that you have violated any one of the aforementioned provisions or any other obligation arising from the provisions of the other terms of use, the Couplet Sugars SA will be entitled to block your access to the Website without prior notice. 

Intellectual property rights 

You accept and acknowledge that the Website may contain software, photographs, pictures, graphics, drawings, texts and any other material (hereinafter referred to as “Information”) that are protected by the intellectual property rights of the Couplet Sugars SA or third parties. As User, the Couplet Sugars SA Sugars grants you a non-exclusive right to use the Website for personal purposes only. This means that you are free to access the Website and to download information, to read that information and to reproduce and use that information in the context of the services offered on the Website. Authorised use of the information implies that the source of the information must be quoted in a clear and visible manner. Without prejudice to the foregoing, you are not permitted to copy, adapt, translate, sell, rent or communicate the Website or its content to the public or to create work derived, whether in whole or in part, from the aforesaid elements in any way or on any medium whatsoever, without the explicit, written and prior consent of the Couplet Sugars SA. 

Protection of personal data 

We take the utmost care to protect the personal data you share with us. For further details, please refer to our privacy policy which has been published on this Website. 

Ad blocker software 

The publisher reserves the right to deny access to Users who use one or more software programs to block ads published on this Website. 

This provision also applies to Users who pay for access. 

How to contact us 

For further information about or clarification of these terms of use, feel free to email us at 

We will do everything in our power to resolve any misunderstandings, complaints, technical or operational issues associated with the Website or the quality of its content without undue delay. 

Legality of the terms of use 

The nullity of one or more provisions of these terms of use will not in any way affect the validity, applicability or binding nature of the other provisions. Where one or more provisions are ruled to be inconsistent with a law, a regulation or a final judgment of a competent court, the other provisions and their scope will remain in full force and effect. In that case, the invalid provision will be replaced with a new provision that as closely as possible reflects the original objectives of the invalid provision. 

The provisions of these terms of use are without prejudice to the statutory, regulatory or mandatory provisions and to the public policy provisions applicable under Belgian or European law. As regards the applicability of these terms of use and their relationship with other legal texts produced by, see the provisions of point 2. Scope above 

Applicable law and competent courts 

These terms of use are governed by Belgian law. The User accepts that only the courts and higher courts of Brussels have jurisdiction to take cognisance of any dispute associated with the application or the interpretation of these terms of use.